Trial results

JULY 26-28, 2019

Congratulations to the following teams who earned these special titles.
Amazing achievements you guys!

  • Harold and Verve - Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Viviene and Lucy - ATCH and Masters Snooker Dog of Canada

  • Mike and Arya - Expert Standard Silver and Silver Award of Merit

  • Mike and Dani - MJDC and MSDC

  • Kendra and Cipher - Advanced Games Dog of Canada

  • Sherene and Jessie - Expert Snooker Bronze

  • Sue and Asha - Expert Snooker Silver

  • Delaena and Lotus - Advanced Games Junior Handler of Canada

  • Julie and Molly -- ATCH, MADC, and Bronze Award of Merit

  • Louise and Leif - ATCH and MGDC

  • Allison and Banjo - Expert Gamblers Gold

  • Maria and Meme - Starters Games Dog of Canada

  • Cathy and Darby - Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada

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